Standards, Recommendations and Guidelines

The following International Recommendations, Standards and Guidelines apply to AIS equipment fitted on SOLAS Convention ships.

  • IMO Recommendation on Performance Standards for Universal Shipborne Automatic Identification System (AIS) (MSC.74(69)). This standard defines the basic performance requirements for AIS equipment, and was used by International Telecommunications Union and International Electrotechnical Commission in developing technical and test.
  • ITU Radio Regulations, Appendix S18, Table of Transmitting Frequencies in the VHF Maritime Mobile Band. Two maritime VHF channels were designated and a footnote added to Appendix S18 of the ITU Radio Regulations.
  • ITU Recommendation on the Technical Characteristics for a Universal Shipborne Automatic Identification System (AIS) Using Time Division Multiple Access in the Maritime Band (ITU-R M.13-71-1). This is the standard that defines in detail how the AIS works, and as such is the primary AIS standard.
  • IEC Standard 61993 Part 2: Universal Shipborne Automatic Identification System (AIS) Operational and Performance Requirements, Methods of testing and required test Results. This standard defines the certification test requirements for Class A shipborne AIS equipment.