Web VTS Professional Plus

Web VTS Professional Plus (WVPP) is a highly sophisticated web-based marine traffic monitoring system for ports and other organizations interested in monitoring real-time or historical marine traffic. It is the cornerstone of SiiTech’s Web VTS product suite. WVPP receives AIS data from the AIS Server and provides a graphic display of AIS targets onto electronic charts and maps. WVPP is designed for marine traffic and monitoring centers. It increases the safety, security and efficiency of operations within ports.

Product highlights:

  • Supports S57 and S63 nautical charts, Open Street, Bing and Google maps
  • Displays an unlimited number of AIS-equipped ships
  • Provides additional information to assist collision avoidance and investigation
  • Supports different types of AIS transponders (Base Stations, Class A, Class B, Aids to Navigation, and Airborne)
  • Ship details section and ship information balloon
  • Filter Designer and user-defined filters
  • Zone Designer and user-defined zones
  • Route Designer and ETA prediction for selected ships within a specified route
  • Alarm Designer and customizable alarms; email and SMS alarm notifications
  • Report Designer and predefined customizable report templates
  • Emergency and Incident Command support
  • Unlimited historical data and History Replay function
  • Search function (using MMSI number, name or call sign)
  • Full navigational chart functions (e.g zooming and panning)
  • Ship tracking (moving-map display mode)
  • Customizable presentation of ships  (user-defined colors and icons)
  • Data and reports from weather stations

 WVPP’s interface and display of AIS-related information offers port operators a substantial leap forward in their ability to communicate and interact with ships. Since WVPP is fully configurable, operators can adjust the size of the chart; customize color patterns for AIS targets; set alarms; and create user-specific reports, filters and zones. WVPP is a unique tool to see your ships from anywhere. The web-based architecture of WVPP allows you to constantly monitor your ships. Even if you are out of the office, you are still in touch with your ships; a computer with an internet connection is all that is required.  

WVPP with S57 charts


WVPP with satellite map