AIS Aids to Navigation Management Solution

AIS AtoN Management Solution is based on the SiiTech AIS Server and SiiTech Web VTS products and provides an affordable AtoN management system for AtoN maintenance authorities.

The Internet-based online AIS AtoN management system assists AtoN maintenance authorities to:

  • Control the position and status of AIS AtoN in real-time
  • Build a guardian zone around AtoN
  • Trigger guardian zone violation alarms
  • Control movements of AIS-equipped ships around AtoN
  • Investigate accidents (unlimited history replay function)
  • Create sophisticated reports about movements of AIS-equipped ships around AtoN
  • Instantly deploy emergency virtual AtoN and broadcast its position to passing ships
  • Send safety messages to AIS-equipped ships
  • Receive messages from AIS-equipped ships
  • Make decisions in operational actions

This solution supports S57 and S63 nautical charts, Open Street, Bing and Google maps.