SiiTech Web VTS

SiiTech Web VTS is a universal Internet-based marine traffic monitoring system with the ability to send/receive AIS safety and virtual Aids to Navigation (AtoN) messages and extended reporting functionality.
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SiiTech AIS Server

SiiTech AIS Server is a software solution that collects AIS and ARPA (Automatic Radar Plotting Aid) messages, redistributes them, and decodes and stores AIS and ARPA data in the database. SiiTech AIS Server may be used as a single program or as a component of a scalable AIS network system.
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SiiTech Chart Server

SiiTech Chart Server is a software solution designed to display Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs) in internet and mobile applications. Chart Server acts as a web service that serves chart tiles. You may use these tiles with any interacive maps like Google Maps, Bing Maps, OpenStreetMap and JavaScript libraries like OpenLayers or Leaflet.
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