Technical Support

At SiiTech, we understand that good technical support is as important to our customers as our products themselves. Our Technical Support Team consists of the same developers that build our products, work on new features and fix the bugs. This ensures that our customers receive accurate and to-the-point answers to their questions or problems.

We provide support through email between 09 AM and 05 PM [GMT -08:00 Pacific Standard Time], Monday through Friday, excluding statutory holidays.

Our response time varies depending on the current support load. To limit the response time to 24 hours, SiiTech provides priority technical support as part of the Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) which is offered free of charge to all our customers within 30 days of the initial product purchase.

Before contacting SiiTech's support team and submitting a problem report/support request, please check to see if your question has not already been answered either in the FAQ section or in your user manual.

What We Will Help You With

  • Installation of SiiTech products: Provided you are using one of our installers, the operating system and service pack are listed as supported and the installation defaults are selected, our Technical Support team will assist you in getting started.
  • Bug determination: SiiTech takes problem reports seriously and channels them to our development team right away. Our support team will provide you with a fix or workaround, or let you know which version of the product the problem will be corrected in.
  • Troubleshooting: Provided the issue can be traced back to using a SiiTech product and any other pertinent guidelines have been followed, our Technical Support Team can review your code to help you resolve your problem.
  • Recommendations for using SiiTech products and solutions: Our support engineers will provide you with the "how to" that explains the best way to use SiiTech products and solutions.
  • Enhancement and Feature Requests: At SiiTech, we are committed to providing the best marine software products on the market and take all enhancement and new functionality requests seriously. You will be notified which update or new version the enhancement or new feature will be made available in.

What Is Not Included

Support services, including Annual Maintenance Subscriptions, do not include the following requests:

  • Any support that is not related to a suspected product defect
  • Consulting

If you require this or any other type of additional support, it can be obtained at an additional charge. In this case, please contact us for quotes.