AIS Environmental Health Protection Solution

The AIS Environmental Health Protection Solution is based on the SiiTech Web VTS product and represents an efficient tool for environmental protection.

The ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach are responsible for more than 100 tons per day of smog- and particulate-forming nitrogen oxides (NOX) – more than the daily emissions from all 6 million cars in the region.” - William A. Burke, chairman of the South Coast Air Quality Management District

The largest amount of emissions (53%) is generated by ships approaching the port. Ship speed reduction programs requesting ships to slow down from 20-25 knots to 12 knots at a distance of 20 nautical miles from the port could reduce emissions by up to 80%. The Internet-based online AIS marine traffic monitoring system assists competent authorities to:

  • Detect and identify AIS-equipped ships at the earliest stage of arrival
  • Track AIS targets
  • Create a speed-limited zone
  • Generate automatic alarms when ships violates the speed limit within a zone
  • Send automatic speed violation email notifications
  • Send automatic AIS warning messages to ships
  • Generate speed violation reports
  • Investigate violations (unlimited history replay function)

This solution supports S57 and S63 nautical charts, Open Street, Bing and Google maps.

AIS Environmental Health Protection Solution

20 nautical miles zone at Long Beach


Violation report generated by the solution