Chart Server

SiiTech Chart Server is a software solution designed to display Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs) in internet and mobile applications. Chart Server acts as a web service that serves chart tiles. You may use these tiles with any interactive maps like Google Maps, Bing Maps, OpenStreetMap and JavaScript libraries like OpenLayers or Leaflet.

Product highlights:

  • Supports S57 and S63 ENCs
  • Base, Standard and Custom presentation modes, and object filtering
  • Multi-color modes (Day, Dusk, Night)
  • Supports Google Maps, Bing Maps, OpenStreetMap, OpenLayers, Leaflet
  • Easy integration with any web-based or mobile application
  • Works on Windows platform
  • Supports HTTP protocol
  • Works as a service (e.g. when a computer is rebooted Chart Server starts automatically)

Supported standards:

  • IMO Performance Standards
  • IEC 61174 and 62288
  • IHO S-57, S-52 and S-63
  • EU Inland ECDIS Standard 2.2/2.3

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